Medical Diabetes apps for Android

Android diabetes management apps to helo you log your sugar levels, track and analyze your data with graphics.

iPro™2 myLog for Android ***Use with physician prescribed iPro™2 professional continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device*** Watch App Tutorial here:
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Diabetes Tracker for Android Diabetes Tracker is now part of you to quickly and easily keep track of everything you need to manage your diabetes. Features include: • ...
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Diabetes Nurse for Android Having your own diabetes nurse.. always at your side.. The app Diabetes Nurse gives advice on how to use various devices which are used for ...
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Diabetes Metrics for Android Diabetes Metrics helps diabetics manage their diabetes and keep their blood glucose levels under control. It records blood glucose levels, A...
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Insulin Units M for Android This application uses SI System:mmol/L to calculate the insulin units for diabetic injections. To accommodate people with different insulin ...
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CONTOUR DIABETES app (US) for Android The new CONTOUR™DIABETES app syncs with the CONTOUR®NEXT smart meter for seamless blood glucose (BG) monitoring. This easy-to-use app can gi...
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MiniMed Connect Pump & CGM App for Android Now enjoy a more convenient, discreet way to help manage your diabetes, and stay connected to your care partners. The MiniMed® Connect app c...
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Diabetes Tracker Free for Android Diabetes Tracker Free is developed and designed in a way to keep track of your Sugar level in day to day life. you can also share Sugar Leve...
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Diabetic Dosage Calculator for Android Diabetic Dosage: an insulin calculator provides suggestions for fast-acting insulin dosage and might not work for everyone. It uses the cor...
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Diabetes & Diet Tracker for Android Living with diabetes or pre-diabetes is challenging. Do you need help with monitoring blood glucose, following a proper diet, exercising reg...
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Diabetes Plus for Android Developed by diabetics for diabetics. DiabetesPlus lets you administer your readings on your device and saves time by enabling you to send t...
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Diabetes:M License for Android IMPORTANT: This is a license key to remove the advertisements from Diabetes:M application. You must install Diabetes:M application separate...

WatIf Health - Diabetes,BMI for Android Excellent to manage Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol & Calculate Cardiac Age. Early identification of risk for developing Abnorm...
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Diabetes Acupressure Trainer. for Android √ Lower the blood sugar on your own with the Traditional Chinese Medicine - Acupressure with Grain √ Easily find the right acupressure point...
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BG Monitor Diabetes Pro for Android Unlock additional features and support development by upgrading to pro from within the free app or by purchasing the pro version here. A por...
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