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AARP Rx Description:

AARP Rx will make sure you always have a current list of medications with you, help you follow doctor’s instructions, and provide you with a single place to organize important health information.

A Med List in Your Pocket
The next time a nurse asks what medications you’re taking, simply hand her your phone.

No Typing Necessary
Use the camera on your phone to scan labels on prescription bottles, supplements, and OTC medications. A detailed medication list is automatically created for you with names, dosages, and refill information.

Stay on Schedule with Reminders
You’ll receive reminders when it’s time to take a dose, or refill a prescription. You can also track when you take your meds and monitor your progress.

Organize Important Info in One Place
Easily organize the mountain of personal information you’re challenged to manage, including symptoms, medical contacts and insurance information.

Advice from AARP Experts
Access advice from AARP experts on staying healthy, understanding your benefits and insurance, and planning for the future.

Medication List: Keep a single list of medications, dosages, refill information, and prescribing docs in your pocket.

Medication Reminders: Receive reminders on your phone when it’s time to take a medication, and easily track what doses you’ve taken.

Contacts: Organize important contacts — doctors, pharmacies, insurance, family, and helpers.

Journal: Keep a journal to jot down a doctor’s instructions, or record your symptoms for easy reference at your next appointment.

Calendar: Keep track of appointments and refill dates.

Notes: Jot down everything you’d otherwise squirrel away in a desk drawer.

Sharing: Safely share access with your significant other in case of an emergency.

AARP News: Access news and expert advice from AARP

Members Get More!
AARP members have unlimited storage and priority customer support — all for free!

Completely Safe and Secure
Your data is protected using the same techniques as your bank with routine third party security audits to ensure your information is safe.

AARP Rx screenshot for Android
AARP Rx screenshot for Android
AARP Rx screenshot for Android
AARP Rx screenshot for Android
AARP Rx screenshot for Android
AARP Rx screenshot for Android

AARP Rx Require:

Require Android 4.1 and up

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