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Anesthesia Assist

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Anesthesia Assist Description:

The first anesthesia app in your SmartWatch!!

Useful for all professionals who deal with drugs in the Operating Room and / or ICU.

- Information on approximately 100 drugs:
  Preparation of infusion or IV push
  Contraindications and/or precautions in the administration

- Direct calculation dosage per kg or lbs for more than 50 drugs
Pediatric dosage

- Operating room checklist

- Adapted calculator

- Categorization of drugs by colors - ISO 26825-2008 (E)


- Sota Omoiguis (Anesthesia Drugs) - 3rd edition;
- Fármacos e Procedimentos em Anestesiologia (serviço de Anestesiologia do Hospital de São João);
- Manual de Procedimentos do Serviço de Anestesiologia do Instituto Português de Oncologia de Lisboa Francisco Gentil EPE.


- Access to SPC in drug description
- Bugfix

- Code Review
- Added aminocaproic acid
- Android Wear improvements
- Small cosmetic changes
- Bugfix

- Support for Android Wear
- Aesthetic improvements
- Bugfix

- Now fully compatible with Android 6.0
- Bugfix

- New layout (slide drawer)
- Antibiotic Prophylaxis
- New steroid converter
- Bugfix

- Added Intralipid
- Android default calculator will be used when available
- Bugfix

- Added new drugs (methylprednisolone and sulprostone)
- Added corticosteroids converter
- Improved user interface for tablets
- Bugfix

- Added more details in the "info" menu on "Clinical Case"
- Language review - "Spanish"
- Bugfix

- Conversion to ml/h in infusions and new option in the menu "Clinical Case"
- More information in "Info" button in the "Clinical Case"
- Aesthetic improvements
- Bug fix

- New theme "Android Material" (new animations for devices with Android 5.0 and higher)
- Button "Info" in "Clinical Case" with reference values, and other useful information
- Review of pediatric doses
- Bug fix

- Pediatric doses reviewed in clinical case
- Changes in the start menu
- Protection of accidental application exit
- Bug fix

- New language available (Spanish)
- Aesthetic changes in language ​​menu
- New drugs
- Values ​​for age, weight and units (kg\lbs) are kept even after closing the application (you must make at least 1 dose\kg calculation)
- Bug fix

- New icons
- Fix to resize icons
- Bug fix

- Language selection (currently only Portuguese and English available)
- New ActionBar layout (improved UI)
- Bug fix

- Bug fix
- New theme
- Clinical case with favorite selection (Keep pressed to add favorite)
- Option to select weight in kg or lbs
- Added alarms in clinical case
- Cosmetic changes in "Techniques" menu

-First release

Anesthesia Assist screenshot for Android
Anesthesia Assist screenshot for Android
Anesthesia Assist screenshot for Android
Anesthesia Assist screenshot for Android
Anesthesia Assist screenshot for Android
Anesthesia Assist screenshot for Android

Anesthesia Assist Require:

Require Android 4.0 and up

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