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Asthmatic Description:

It's proven that the weather has a big impact on asthma patients. Asthmatic is an app made by and for asthma patients that predicts up to 5 days in advance how the weather will affect your lungs and tells you which precautions to take.
Unlike other forecasts that only focus on pollution, this apps takes all environmental factors into account, has a clean interface and is available WORLDWIDE. Meaning that you can track the quality for any location you like, even when traveling abroad.
How does it work?
Factors such as temperatures, humidity levels, pollution, ozone levels, indoor climate, etc., can all trigger symptoms or asthma attacks. It's hard to keep track of all those different factors and often you don't realise the conditions are bad until you start getting symptoms.
Asthmatic calculates the air quality based on a big variety of weather conditions and then gives you a score ranging from poor to excellent. Each day has a description which tells you which conditions are bad and gives you advise on how to deal with those. The forecast is shown for the upcoming 5 days, current day included, so you can even plan ahead when to take your medication or when to avoid exercising outdoors.
- Worldwide availability. Get the forecast for any location on earth.
- Add or delete one or more locations.
- A detailed forecast for up to five days in advance, current day included.
- The air quality based on weather conditions. (poor to excellent)
- A detailed daily rating from 0 to 5.
- A list of perfect and bad weather conditions for each day.
- Daily tips and advise related to the forecast.
- A detailed weather forecast.
- Display temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
APIs used:
Open Weather Map & Geonames

Asthmatic screenshot for Android
Asthmatic screenshot for Android
Asthmatic screenshot for Android
Asthmatic screenshot for Android
Asthmatic screenshot for Android

Asthmatic Require:

Require Android 2.3.3 and up

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