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Carriere Ortho 3D

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Carriere Ortho 3D Description:

This application, personally designed by Dr. Lluis Carriere, with animations provided by 3Dcuatro and developed by Barcelona Media, shows the advantages of the Carrière Distalizer research results in the correction of various malocclusions.

Looking for a great way to increase patient acceptance of orthodontic treatment? Let the Carriere® Ortho 3D application help make your life a little easier with assisting you in patient education of your Carriere products.

This application lets you take advantage of high-quality patient education tools geared towards the benefits of Carriere products helping you easily educate your patients, and convert more initial visits into treatments.

Features and benefits you’ll start implementing today:

.State-of-the-art interactive 3D appliances
.View and interact with all aspects of the self-ligating bracket and distalizer-360º usability
.Don’t just zoom in and out, turn the product to the view that best suits your needs
.Walk patients through their orthodontic treatment with Carriere Self-Ligating Brackets
.Show patients how the Carriere Distalizer will perform in their mouth
.Easily learn how to determine which distalizer size is best for your treatment
.Get assistance on determining which treatment option is best for your case
.Easy to use saving you and your staff time

This is a new generation of software based on virtual reality in 3-D. It is a project designed and directed by Dr. Luis Carrière in which the Class II Div. 1 and Div. 2 orthodontic treatment can be visually demonstrated, creating a 3-D image for each structure and a library of materials containing all kinds of arches, auxiliary components and links needed in the technique, defining the shape of each element and giving it consistency so it can achieve the semblance of reality, needed for a perfect visual reproduction.
Giving all the elements a 3-D configuration and inter-relating them in an orderly way.
In this way, the movement of the teeth can be observed in all the stages of the treatment, in the three planes of space, with mouth open or in occlusion and in real time. Furthermore, it also allows us to appreciate its characteristics with great detail, avoiding any kind of confusion as we can use the zoom and total interaction in real time.

Carriere Ortho 3D screenshot for Android
Carriere Ortho 3D screenshot for Android
Carriere Ortho 3D screenshot for Android

Carriere Ortho 3D Require:

Require Android 2.0.1 and up

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