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Diabetes Nurse

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Diabetes Nurse Description:

Having your own diabetes nurse.. always at your side.. The app Diabetes Nurse gives advice on how to use various devices which are used for injecting insulin and other medications that diabetic patients are injected with. There are more than ten commonly used devices for injecting insulin and seven devices used for injecting GLP1 analogues, a class of drugs that is used for treating Type 2 Diabetes. The advice given is according to the manufacturer's directions for use.

Neither the patients nor most healthcare providers are familiar with the use of all of the devices, and the app should help with the correct use of the devices featured. General diabetes advice also is given in one of the app sections.

Diabetes Nurse App Sections

Disposable Pens/ Insulin Syringe
Durable (Cartridge) Pens
Diabetes General Information
Hypoglycaemia/ Sick Day Rules
Disability/ Needle Phobia Devices
Insulin Fact Sheet
GLP-1 Injection Devices
Diabetes Nurse Facebook
About This App
Contact us

Content of individual sections:

Disposable Pens/Insulin Syringe: Explains the use of disposable pen devices for injecting insulin (Solostar, Kwikpen, Flexpen etc) and insulin syringe. Two recent additions to the insulin market, Insulin Toujeo and Humalog 200 are discussed separately in this section.
Durable (Cartridge) Pens: Explains the use of durable pen devices for injecting insulin. These are pens where the cartridge is changed after use (NovoPen Echo, Novopen 4, Humapen Savvio, Clickstar etc).
Diabetes General Information: This section gives relevant general information about diabetes, including information for newly diagnosed patients with diabetes, general advice on injecting insulin, testing blood sugar, types and insulin regimens available, etc;
Hypoglycaemia/Sick Day Rules: This section explains how to deal with hypoglycaemia, a potentially dangerous side effect of insulin treatment, and what precautions diabetic patients on insulin should take when unwell.
Disability/Needle Phobia Devices: The use of devices that patients wth fear of needles may find useful. The other subsection deals with the devices that patients who have a disability affecting the use of hands may find easier to use.
Half Dial Pens: The section contains videos about pens that can dial half a unit of insulin.The videos are identical to some of those in the Durable Pens section, however this section was inserted to enhance the app’s usability. Featured devices are Novopen ECHO and Humapeb Luxura HD.
Insulin Fact Sheet: This section deals with the onset, peak and duration of action for insulins by the respective manufacturers.
GLP-1 Injection Devices: Explains the use of the following GLP-1 analogies and pen devices: BYDUREON, Dulaglutide (Trulicity), Liraglutide (Victoza), Exenatide (Byetta), BYDUREON injection kit, Lixisenatide (Lyxumia), and combination of Insulin Degludec and Liraglutide (IDegLira, the commercial name of which is Xultophy). There are also discussions about the mechanism of action of GLP 1 analogues and the general features of these medications as well as comparison of the individual medications in the class.
Diabetes Nurse Facebook: Our Facebook page
About This App: General information about the app including music used in the videos. Music in the app was purchased royalty free, and in some of the videos, it was downloaded from iTunes. This is specified in the app.
Contact us: Our contact details

Diabetes Nurse screenshot for Android
Diabetes Nurse screenshot for Android
Diabetes Nurse screenshot for Android
Diabetes Nurse screenshot for Android

Diabetes Nurse Require:

Require Android 4.1 and up

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