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DocsApp - Consult Doctor 24x7

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DocsApp - Consult Doctor 24x7 Description:

#India's Number 1 Doctor consultation app.
* Ask your Health question on app
* Online Doctor will be appointed to you in a minute
* Pay Consultation Fee, Share your problem, upload health reports, affected areas photos for the Doctor in private chat
* Start chat with doctor and get diagnosis and answers about your health from doctor.
* Get diagnostic Tests at your home!
* Your samples will be collected from home and diagnostic reports will be delivered on the App!
* Read health tips by docs on app

Is that surgery/lab test suggested by your doctor really needed? Get second opinion from specialist Doctors on DocsApp! Top Doctor consultation app in India

Docs App Consult Doctor on chat is best medical app to consult Doctor online without appointment booking. Doctors in app are specialist MD Doctors. Ask a doctor any health question you have and get medical answers from doctors in India with in 30 minutes. Docs can be consulted on the go! Doctor uses secure app to answer your health query.

500+ specialist Doctors already gave answers, consultations and health tips to 100,000+ Indians. Join them and get best docs based on doctor rating and doctor review.

Reputed MD Doctors online on DocsApp from Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi
Completely private and secure chats with Docs from these specialties
Gynecology/Gynaecology, Dermatology, Hair Scalp Care, Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Weight management, Pregnancy diet, Pregnancy problems, Lactation problems, Acidity and gas problems
Use DocsApp to chat with a doctor in 30 minutes, take consultation, Give rating and review the doctor.

Ask a question and get connected to a specialist MD doctor on app. Consult with the doctor through chat or call with out any hassles at your convenience and give rating and review for the doctor. Doctor reviews help us to provide quality service. No need to go through the pain of booking a Doctor appointment, traveling in endless traffic and waiting at clinic or hospital for doctor to get free. Doctor reviews your problem, diagnoses and gives relevant advice for tests. Consult doctor online on the go through DocsApp!
For diet chart on app, answer simple questions & get a customized chart for diet on app.

Now you can also book diagnostic tests through the app, avail home pick up service and get the report directly on the app for the doctor to diagnose. Doctor gives the relevant advice on the app. You can even get health tests done at home that the Doc has given through the app.

DocsApp has doctors from all the below specialties

Gynecology/Gynaecology - PCOS, late periods, irregular periods, PCOD issues and all women related health problems
Dermatology - skin issues, rashes, itching, dry skin issues, acne, black spots etc.
Hair Scalp Care - hair fall issues, dandruff issues, rashes and itching on scalp, dry hair, hair whitening
Psychiatry - depressions, suicidal tendencies, anxiety, mental tensions and other mental health issues
General Medicine - Fever, cold, infections, digestion problems, cough and any other general health problems
Pediatrics - Fever, Cold for babies, Growth tracking, diet and food for babies, vaccination etc
Weight Management - Diet & Nutrition for Weight management, personalized diet charts and exercise charts for gaining and losing weight
Lactation counseling - for new mothers on how to feed babies.
Pregnancy diet - post pregnancy weight management, personalized diet and exercise charts for post pregnancy weight management
Acidity and Gas issues

For any of the above medical problems, you can find a specialist doctor to chat with in DocsApp.
Docs App is not For Emergencies
DocsApp is connecting Docs and Patients interaction through the App! Download and be part of the India's largest online medical health portal for consulting doctors! DocsApp is India's largest online hospital with specialist doctors.
Stay Healthy and Happy
No need to book appointment with doctors, just talk to them online!

DocsApp - Consult Doctor 24x7 screenshot for Android
DocsApp - Consult Doctor 24x7 screenshot for Android
DocsApp - Consult Doctor 24x7 screenshot for Android
DocsApp - Consult Doctor 24x7 screenshot for Android
DocsApp - Consult Doctor 24x7 screenshot for Android
DocsApp - Consult Doctor 24x7 screenshot for Android

DocsApp - Consult Doctor 24x7 Require:

Require Android 4.0.3 and up

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