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Doctor Virtual Practice

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Doctor Virtual Practice Description:

The Virtual Practice app for Doctors enables you to engage and communicate with your patients easily and effectively using your smartphone or mobile device, while providing you with access to their health data. The app helps manage your patients and medical practice, at your convenience, with a responsiveness and efficiency that ensures better healthcare outcomes.

Key aspects of the Virtual Practice for Doctors app

• Anytime Access to Patient Health Data
• Personalized Remote Health Monitoring
• Manage Patient Questions
• Health Network for healthcare communication
• Convenient Medical Appointment Management
• Lightweight Medical Practice Management
• Online Medical Presence management

1) Patient Personal Health Record (PHR): Improve patient engagement with access to their health records. Add patients to your Virtual Practice during online or clinic consultations and view details of their medications, health conditions, health trackers, medical test reports, allergies, surgeries & procedures, vaccinations and goals, on the mobile app

2) Health questions: Real health questions require real doctors. Engage with patients who are looking for medical expertise by answering their health queries. Review and respond to patient health questions at your convenience. They can attach test reports and images for your review too.

3) Remote Health Monitoring: Improve healthcare outcomes by remotely monitoring your patients’ health as they update health readings and symptoms through health trackers. Set up personalized remote health monitoring plans for individual patients or patient groups

4) Health Network: Get the latest medical and health updates, engage with peers and patients alike and share your medical expertise with the community

5) Medical Appointments: Efficiently manage your medical appointments by publishing your consultation timings. Confirm, reschedule or cancel your medical appointments using the app. Your patients will receive SMS and email reminders about the appointments and you will receive a summary of your daily appointments.

6) Patient payments: Define online payments for your consultations which patients can pay for online.

7) Web patient portal: The Virtual Practice for Doctors app is also supported by an optional online patient portal, which can be hosted on your own domain address. This allows patients to find you online and engage with you. You can update your online profile through the mobile using the profile editor- update relevant medical information (photos, videos and health articles) for your patients.

8) Video Consultations: Support video consultations and connect with remotely located patients. View their health records during consultations. A detailed consultation summary is automatically sent to the patient after the session.

Supported versions: The Virtual Practice is also available as a web application. Visit to set up your free Virtual Practice. Updates made on your Virtual Practice will be visible on the mobile app and vice versa.

Doctor Virtual Practice screenshot for Android
Doctor Virtual Practice screenshot for Android
Doctor Virtual Practice screenshot for Android
Doctor Virtual Practice screenshot for Android
Doctor Virtual Practice screenshot for Android
Doctor Virtual Practice screenshot for Android

Doctor Virtual Practice Require:

Require Android 4.2 and up

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