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Dr. Self

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Dr. Self Description:

Join the just launch offer no fee no login required ,just install it and the app will start .It is free for some duration.
This app will give you assess to general diseases and lifestyle problems, how to identify them and how to treat them

There are many medical apps which are available in market but for normal person they are very difficult to interpret .They are very extensive and costly. Normal person cannot use it for there benefit, because they are not from medical line, Because they only know there symptoms not there problems for that they have to go to doctors.

We are presenting with a new concept the normal person can diagnose the disease and can treat them upto some extent ,how you can remain disease free means a healthy also covered. Very easy to operate no log in required. How to use it is in detail given in introduction column in app. IT IS FREE FOR SOME DURATION as a just launch offer so download it and enjoy your life upto full potential...

Are you thinking to remain healthy,fit, if you get sick how to find and cure any disease ,how you can help your friends, family and neighbours in any disease and problems. Then this app can help you a lot .Here you can get all the answers related to health upto much extent.Here we deal with the symptoms how you can reach to a disease and how you can cure them upto much extent.It is not for use in emergency cases.
There are different sections which deal with different health challenges.
Introduction part include a brief idea about the app and how to use it in a better way.
Disease and problems part, if you are suffering from a problem then what you can do upto a certain level that you can help urself and others.
Index part , if you have certain problem or you want to know about a drug detail precautions, sideffects or anything related to drugs and diseases then you can find it in index.
Medicine Buying sites will be added in future
Ask doctor column is helpful in case you have any doubt about your disease and drug then here you can ask directly any question related to your disease or drugs from a doctor for free .
Photos and videos column shows photos of some diseases which will help in identification and in videos you can get some useful techniques regarding some diseases.
Healthy tips include how you can make your life more better by using some basic fundamentals ,like how much calorie you should take ,what diet you should take,how you should do exercise . what should be your BMI and Waist hip ratio charts and calculator
Otc drugs includes over the counter drugs , the common drugs available with their uses in disease, they are easily available over the counter.

Dr. Self screenshot for Android
Dr. Self screenshot for Android
Dr. Self screenshot for Android
Dr. Self screenshot for Android
Dr. Self screenshot for Android
Dr. Self screenshot for Android

Dr. Self Require:

Require Android 4.0.3 and up

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