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more - Your Dental App Description: app is India’s first self diagnosis app For Dental Healthcare. helps you on every step of the way to a healthy smile.
This just works like a Doctor :
1.This app can diagnose your dental problems on the go as you key in your symptoms. It understands your symptoms in the same way a doctor would. At the core of is an artificial intelligence based engine which recognizes and diagnoses the dental problems based on a wide array of parameters.
2.It asks you specific questions based on your symptoms to be more accurate.

3.You get relevant, personalized health information with a health indicative meter and the probable diseases .For e.g one can have a mild pulpitis and undergo pulp-therapy / moderate pulpitis and has to undergo Root canal treatment and crown / bridge also when it is severe pulpitis with grossly decayed tooth , the treatment could be extraction and implant.
4.With this it finds all the specialist doctors you need to go, for example for a condition someone has to first get treated by a Periodontist, then a general dentist , then a Endodontist and finally a Prosthodontist.
Helps you book appointments with best Dental Physicians , according to the dental issue you are facing ,based on a wide array of filters .

5. Then the most Important information, the cost of the dental treatments ::
a. Gives you the expense estimate for the cost you are going to incur for the treatment of the condition you could potentially have .
For e.g : when you need to choose from several types of crowns , you struggle deciding which doctor, or which type of crown would be the best choice based on cost, location, doctor, insurance and the treatment plan , this app decides with its intelligence system what all are the best choices for you and lets you choose.
b. Also it shows you the budget estimate depending on the dental problem you could potentially have .

Also each time you use the app ,it gets better . So the more you use the app, the smarter and more accurate it becomes for everyone else world wide.
At we understand what all it takes for you to go to a correct specialist and come up with that bright smile .
We have Doctors from various dental specialities like : Oral surgery , Crown / bridge and denture specialist (Prosthodontics), Child care dentistry (Pedodontics) , Root Canal Treatment Speciality (Endodontics) , Dental Implants speciality (Oral Implantologist) , Gum disease speciality (Periodontics) , Cosmetic Dentist , Botox treatments etc.
Why just search your Physician based on doctor degree / doctor review , choose the way.
With in hand, you can find dentists anywhere on the earth. You will get best results for
\Dentists in Bangalore
\Dentists in Hyderabad
\Dentists in Chennai
\Dentists in Delhi
\Dentists in Mumbai
\Dentists in Kolkata
\Dentists in Pune
\Dentists in Bengaluru
\Dentists in Noida
\Dentists in Gurgaon
\Dentists in Vijayawada
\Dentists in Vizag
You can find dentists who can treat all these below problems and you can also find cost estimates before you go to clinic
\Root Canal Treatment
\Dental Braces
\Teeth Whitening
\Dental Implants
\Dental Crown & Bridge
\Orthodontic Treatments
\Wisdom tooth extraction
With the help of Artificial Intelligence Based Diagnosis Tool, you can easily diagnose your problems including but not limited to
\Sensitivity in Teeth
\Food Lodgement
\Sever tooth pain
\Missing tooth
You can also search doctors by different oral diseases like
\Dental Caries
\Wisdom tooth pain
\Cavities in Teeth
\Gum problems

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Require Android 4.0.3 and up

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