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Englishini - Medical English Description:

This space is a collection of tools that any doctor and health professional will need while developing their skills in medical English or while traveling and attending medical events.
This kit includes different sections covering the correct pronunciation of medical terms, medical abbreviations, irregular medical plurals, converting values from one unit of measurement to another, countries and capitals...etc
Englishini provides you with the possibility to learn in a fun way using educative games.

How to pronounce it?
In this section, we present a rich list of common medical terms. Each term has its own pronunciation in two modes; quick and slow. You can record your own pronunciation and compare it to the original one.

You will have a set of 5 randomly chosen words. Try to write the words correctly and learn from your mistakes.

Medical Abbreviations
You will find a list of common medical abbreviations. The search engine will help you find the translation or the abbreviation itself.

While reading medical articles in English, you can come across many units of measurement that are different from the standard units used in your country. The converter was made for this need.

Medical Plurals
A lot of medical terms have irregular plurals because they come from Latin and Greek origins. In this section, we present to you the most common rules of plural medical terms along with illustrating examples.

Irregular Verbs
Using regular verbs in the past or past participle is very easy, all that you need is to add "ed" at the end (e.g, walk, walked, walked). Irregular verbs are a vital part in spoken and written English. There are many and they do not follow a regular pattern (e.g, drive, drove, driven). Using them frequently will make it easier for you to memorize all of them. This section is made for this need.

Countries & Capitals
As a doctor, and health professional you will need to travel to different countries around the world in order to attend or present in international medical seminars. In this section, you can find a rich list of countries, capitals, and Country Code Numbers in different continents.

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Englishini - Medical English screenshot for Android
Englishini - Medical English screenshot for Android
Englishini - Medical English screenshot for Android

Englishini - Medical English Require:

Require Android 4.1 and up

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