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HealthTap Description:

HealthTap has reinvented the way millions around the world take care of their health. We have more than 70,000 top U.S. doctors to help you smile and feel good! Get help by talking to a live doctor anytime, anywhere. Learn more with personalized answers, tips, news, and app recommendations. Take action with doctor-prescribed checklists that help you live well, manage your health, and feel good every day!

HealthTap has already served 3 billion doctor answers to hundreds of millions of people and received 20,000 "you saved my life" thank-you notes from around the world!

Sign up free for access to HealthTap from any smartphone, tablet, computer, or Android Wear device.


✓ Live Virtual Consults – HealthTap Prime Members receive unlimited medical advice from top doctors via chat, HD video, and audio, 24/7 from any mobile device or web browser. Doctors can order lab tests, refer to specialists, or prescribe medically appropriate treatments that are delivered to your home or local pharmacy.

✓ Your personal Concierge doctor — Connect with your own doctor from anywhere via video or text consults for an affordable pay-as-you-go fee. Create your own 24/7 Care-Team and get a second, third, or tenth opinion from doctors in more than 130 specialties!

✓ Actionable checklists — Our leading doctor have created thousands of customized checklists that help people manage their health and reach hundreds of different goals, from healthy living, to pregnancy, to managing a chronic condition.

✓ Curated news and apps — Our doctors carefully review and rate news articles and mobile apps on a comprehensive array of health topics.

✓ Personalized feeds — Get a customized feed of answers, news, and tips based upon your individual Health Graph — a proprietary custom digital map of your personal health and well-being.

✓ Daily health tips — Get useful daily tips on a variety of healthy living and health topics written for you by the world's best doctors for free!

✓ Free answers from doctors — Get a free second, third, or 10th opinion on any health question or issue with multiple answers from more than 70,000 trusted physicians in 130 specialties.

✓ Manage all your health data — Securely and privately share health information, lab test results, images, and other health-documents with the doctors of your choice to get more personalized advice, prescriptions, and reminders.

✓ Save time — No need to deal with paper forms, insurance, or calling the doctor's receptionist.

✓ Find the best doctors for you — We have more than 1.3 million doctors in the deepest and most comprehensive mobile doctor directory in the world.

✓ Try it all for free!


★★★★★ "HealthTap is the best and fastest way to quickly get great answers and very useful tips from reputable doctor anytime, anywhere. And, astonishingly, it’s all free!"
★★★★★ "Best application ever. Amazing to see top doctors volunteer their valuable time and expertise to give free useful tips on both medical and wellness topics."
★★★★★ "Social media at its best @healthtap 3 answers in 3 minutes from 3 doctors…"
★★★★★ "This was by far the best answer I’ve ever received for a very simple reason — it literally saved my life! HealthTap is the one app you *must* have on your mobile device!"


☆ WSJ — "...Our favorite...the quickest results, was the simplest to use. Helpful advice."
☆ CNN — "Use the app to choose a specific resolution and work with a doctor to achieve it."
☆ Financial Times — "As easy as booking a flight online or comparison shopping for a new sofa."
☆ PC Magazine — "The next time you have a medical question...try asking the doctors on HealthTap."
☆ LifeHacker — "HealthTap puts a doctor on your smartphone, helps you find a good one to see in person."
☆ Business Insider — "The app that will change everything about healthcare."

HealthTap screenshot for Android
HealthTap screenshot for Android
HealthTap screenshot for Android
HealthTap screenshot for Android
HealthTap screenshot for Android
HealthTap screenshot for Android

HealthTap Require:

Require Android 4.0 and up

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