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Hearing Aid with Replay (Lite)

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Hearing Aid with Replay (Lite) Description:

Please note: app is working properly with earphones and bluetooth headsets only (not with device headsets). Audio latency depends on the model of your device and firmware version.
Hearing Aid with Replay is an effective app aimed to improve the sound quality, replay the lost moments and record the most important. Just plug in your earphones, and you’ll hear everything you need! With the app, you can easily choose appropriate sound intensity, reduce excessive loudness and focus your attention only on relevant information (boost the speech in presentations, listen to nature sounds, listen to TV etc).
It is either help for people with hearing disabilities. As an enhancing tool for hearing impaired, it will be helpful in communication, education and entertainment. Get crystal clear voice with a help of your mobile phone: amplify the voice and reduce the noise.

★ Amplify sound
★ Instantly replay lost moments (always on recording up to 30 seconds)
★ Create up to 2 sound profiles to tune the audio to your hearing pattern and compensating the sound frequencies you do not hear well in different situations and environments
★ Record to high-quality PCM
★ Put up to 3 marks whenever you like during each recording
★ Share and manage your recordings easily, and back them up to your PC
★ Start recording on launch
★ Record in the background
★ Select sound quality (sample rate)
The pro version offers additional value:
★ Amplification in the background
★ Ability to seek during instant replay
★ Create any amount of sound profiles
★ Put unlimited number of marks whenever you like during each recording.
1. Please make sure the media volume on the phone is on the minimum level.
2. Take your earphones (not headsets!) and plug into the phone, make sure: you don’t hold your phone very close to the earphones, you don’t hear the feedback loop and the sound is not very loud.
3. Place the earphones into your ears.
4. Start raising media volume level and raise the amplify level next.
5. Use tune controls in sound profiles to improve environmental sound, amplify the voice and reduce background noise.
This app makes sounds very loud. Use common sense and caution. When you download and install this software, you agree that you are going to use this application on your own risk. In no event shall developer be liable for any damages including personal injuries and health damage caused by using this application Please consult your doctor before using this application.
Please try using the free version before upgrading to pro. Send us your questions and ideas via Feedback option in Settings or simply drop us email to

Hearing Aid with Replay (Lite) screenshot for Android
Hearing Aid with Replay (Lite) screenshot for Android
Hearing Aid with Replay (Lite) screenshot for Android
Hearing Aid with Replay (Lite) screenshot for Android
Hearing Aid with Replay (Lite) screenshot for Android
Hearing Aid with Replay (Lite) screenshot for Android

Hearing Aid with Replay (Lite) Require:

Require Android 3.2 and up

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