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Help me!

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Help me! Description:

This is a simple application that may save your life one day. It is a screen with vital information about your health: blood type, allergies, diseases, a contact number and a popup with whatever info you want to show. Everything can be personalized in the settings.
Specially useful if you are in trouble and cannot speak, bystanders/paramedics can quickly see information that could help them heal you.

- Disabled screensaver
- Pressing "Call this" will start a call from your phone
- SOS sound

Upcoming features:
- Flashing screen
- Multilingual support

Paid version(coming soon) extra features:
- Geolocation tracking system on webserver
- Auto SMS sending text with Geolocation webserver link

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Help me! screenshot for Android
Help me! screenshot for Android

Help me! Require:

Require Android 1.6 and up

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