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Infinite Dose Calculator (PRO)

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Infinite Dose Calculator (PRO) Description:

(Watch the Video for a Quick Overview)
Infinite Dose is the most complete drug dosage calculator with a super easy method to calculate any difficult dose within 2 seconds (even if it's in mcg/kg/min). You do not need to remember the dose or any calculation method; Infinite dose will do all the hard work.
Overview of features:
★ Easy Drug Dosage Calculator. Just Drag The Seek Bar
★ Easy Drug IV Fluid Infusion Calculator ( IV Rate in mL/hour or Drops Rate/min)
★ Easy Drug Dosage Calculator By Weight or Body Surface Area
★ Create/Edit/Arrange Drugs into Groups & Collections
★ Drugs Can Be In Any Form or Dose (Oral or Infusion)
★ Share Collections of Drugs With Colleagues
★ Add Detailed Drugs Notes With Evernote-Like Rich Text Editor

Detailed Features:
Create and Edit drugs
Easily create your custom drugs with any concentration and dose. You can also edit or delete previously created drugs.
Any Dose
No limit to what dose the app supports; it can be mg/kg/hour ... grams/day ... mEq/kg/day...mcg/kg/min .. iu/kg/dose ... or any other dose.
Any Form
No limit. It can be Vial , Ampule , Syrup, Tablet or create your custom form (example premixed bag, s.c injection or drops ..etc)
Body Surface Area Calculator
Drugs calculated per m2 are also supported. Any dose can be accepted (examples : mg/m² ... grams/m² ... mEq/kg/m² ...etc)
Powerful Infusion calculator
2 methods are available.
* First method for continuous infusions where you enter how many ampules and how many milliliters and the app calculates infusion rate, drops per minute and drops interval in seconds (example 1 ampule in 200 mL with infusion rate 20mL/hour).
* The second method works for bolus infusions where you dilute the needed dose and infuse over a specific period of time (example 50 mL over 20 mins ... etc).
Arrange drugs into 'Categories' and 'Collections'
Copy and move drugs between categories (example CNS , Renal, Respiratory drugs) and arrange categories into collections (example Hospital drugs, Clinic drugs, Pediatric drugs ...etc)
(Copying & Moving drugs are PRO only features)
(FREE version supports only 20 drugs per collection; Total 4 collections as a max) (PRO version is unlimited in drugs & collections numbers)
Share drugs 'Collections' with colleagues
Share your custom drugs collections with your colleagues through email, Bluetooth, WiFi direct or any sharing method.
Drug Notes
Easily add notes to each drug through a rich text editor. Notes can be about specific dosing indications, contraindications, precautions or renal modification for example.
You can search a drug group or all drugs available by generic name or trade name. It's really fast and comes in handy in emergency situations.
Sort drugs or categories by generic name, trade name, or date created.
Reverse Calculations
This is an bonus feature which allows you to calculate the dose from how many milligrams the patient is actually taking. Example : a 20kg patient talking daily 2.5 mL levitiracetam (100mg/1mL) every 12 hours .. the app calculates that he is on 12.5 mg/kg/dose q12h.

Infinite Dose Calculator (PRO) screenshot for Android
Infinite Dose Calculator (PRO) screenshot for Android
Infinite Dose Calculator (PRO) screenshot for Android
Infinite Dose Calculator (PRO) screenshot for Android
Infinite Dose Calculator (PRO) screenshot for Android
Infinite Dose Calculator (PRO) screenshot for Android

Infinite Dose Calculator (PRO) Require:

Require Android 4.2 and up

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