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MedApp Medication

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MedApp Medication Description:

MedApp is the app to assist you in optimising your use of medication. For instance, MedApp provides you with the option to set ‘smart’ medicine alarms, presents patient information leaflets, intake rosters, and stock overviews, allows you to create medication passports, order repeat prescriptions directly at your pharmacy, and contains high quality information about the medication you might be using. All in one, single app. MedApp helps to create oversight to your medical routine.

People that have to take a constant and consistent stream of medication tend to forget or postpone taking their medicines. This improper use of medication might weaken the therapy strength, especially when it comes to treating chronic ailments and diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, asthma, COPD, epilepsy, or ADHD. MedApp offers the necessary support to help you take your medication in time by setting medicine alarms that simultaneously register whether or not you have taken your medication. By registering this information, the app can later provide you an overview of your intake history, which you can share with healthcare providers as might be fitting for your situation. In short, MedApp helps you to improve your therapy adherence.

On top of this, a number of added functions allow you to make the absolute best of your medical therapy. The app generates an extended medical dossier or personal health file, enabling you to track multiple types of information, combined in one and the same place: medical information such as your blood pressure, cholesterol values, and kidney function, but also information about your healthcare insurance. Furthermore,the separate diary function allows you to track events, side effects, feelings and moods, doctor’s or other healthcare-related appointments, and whichever other relevant information, all in one place. This helps you to keep a separate overview for your own use, and a professional overview for those involved in your medical treatment. Of course, the diary can also be shared with your healthcare providers; all control is left in your hands.

MedApp contains a large medicine database. From diclofenac and omeprazole, all the way through ibuprofen and contraception, to simvastatin, and searching this database has been made simple by allowing you to scan the barcode of your medicine package to end up at the right information. Did we manage to miss your medicine? Please feel free to enter it manually, and help us improve our app even further!

MedApp functionalities:
Scan medication by using your phone.
Set smart medicine alarms.
Consult information about your medication.
Add your own mediciation.
Add photos to your medication.
Create an intake roster.
Monitor your medication use.
Extended notifications and alarms.
Week-related medication, placebo weeks, and cyclus overviews.
Stock management.
Medication passports for your vacation.
Medical dossier.
User friendly homescreen widget.
NEW: easily manage your feelings and moods by scoring them.
NEW: backup functionality.
NEW: Extended medical dossier.

MedApp is the result of collaboration between pharmacists and computer engineers. The medication (medical) platform is still being developed and is consistently being expanded with new functionalities. Read more on

Medapp guarantees your privacy, so please feel free to read our privacy policy. We have written it with you and your protection in mind, not to indemnify ourselves.

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MedApp Medication screenshot for Android
MedApp Medication screenshot for Android
MedApp Medication screenshot for Android
MedApp Medication screenshot for Android
MedApp Medication screenshot for Android
MedApp Medication screenshot for Android

MedApp Medication Require:

Require Android 4.2 and up

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