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Medicine reminder application

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Medicine reminder application Description:

How often have you forgotten taking medicines on time? If it is an usual problem, “Remind me” (R me) app is made for you. “Remind me” app, as the name suggests, reminds you to take the medicine on time. You can customize the timing and frequency of reminder, and add on voice reminder, which works even when your phone is on silent mode. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app and enjoy the following features.
• Reminds to take medicine on time.
• Automatically backs up all Medicine reminders and restores on re-installation or on factory reset. No hassle of loosing the data and information
• User can safely transfer all the reminders to any Android mobile/tablet by just configuring an email ID on the new device.
• Automatically suggests nearby Pharmacies.
• Option to enter Medicine or any item to Reminder, Instructions, Start date, End date.
• Dates can be customized to suit you needs such as only selected day in a Week, or Fortnightly or Monthly. User can add up to 6 reminder timings to any reminder.
• Option of adding voice to reminders.
• Option to configure flexible dates.
• Option to configure custom dates.
• Option to configure flexible Time of reminders. User can add up to 6 different timing for new reminder.
• Reminder notification options like Vibrate only or/and Custom ring tone or/and Voice reminder.
• Option to Create, View, Edit and Modify any reminders. (By long pressing on any list item)
• Option to view reminder details.
• Hamburger menu shows various options of the application.
• Segregate reminders list in Chronological order.
• Preferred Reminders list is created based on users recent usage.
• Book a reminder from Suggested Or Preferred list.
• Search and create Pharmacy reminder from MapView.
• List of all your OLD reminders in one place (Unless it is deleted).
• Option to Re-Create reminders from Old reminders. (By long pressing on any list item)
• Create your own Medical profile.
• Option to modify fonts.
• Option to add your Private and Public Health Insurance numbers. No hassle of carrying your Insurance cards everywhere you visit.
• Option to scan and save your Medical cards. (Medical card details are not backed up)
• Option to select your location/suburb using MapView. Based on your Home location, application shows available Pharmacies in your location
• A floating 'Create New' Reminder Button has been provided to create reminder from all the views/screens
• Application is very user friendly
• And many more features.
• Install and enjoy the application features
• User-friendly customer support.
**** IMPORTANT ****
1. In order to get good results, please Restart your device after installing the application.
2. When you put your android phone on "mute" or "vibrate" mode, the phone ONLY mutes the ringer and notification sounds. It does NOT mute applications, such as games or media players. This means that if you have the “Remind me” alarm(s) enabled under settings, the alarm will sound even if the phone is in vibrate mode.
3. This application is integrated with Google Analytics and Crash Analytics to provide better result to customer. Also, users reminder details are backed up in the server and it will not be shared with anyone else other than the owner.
4. Paid version of the app is free from Advertisements.
5. Free version has only limited features. Also, user can create only a limited number of appointments.

Medicine reminder application screenshot for Android
Medicine reminder application screenshot for Android
Medicine reminder application screenshot for Android
Medicine reminder application screenshot for Android
Medicine reminder application screenshot for Android
Medicine reminder application screenshot for Android

Medicine reminder application Require:

Require Android 3.2 and up

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