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Top Doctors Online Description:

TopDoctorsOnline (TDO) is a health service that enables you to find a complete solution to your health concerns using the app. The TDO way is to understand users’ health concern completely before we recommend you health services to resolve your health concern.
There are essentially 3 things that you can do on TDO – Read information, Ask Doctors, Book appointments for health services.
### Read information:
* Articles: You can get access to loads of health information in the read section. You can read articles, view health in pictures and view interesting health videos.
We cover a wide range of topics on TDO to cater to as many health inquisitions as possible. We cover topics like:
- Men’s Health – Fitness, Style and Groom, Being Father and other topics
- Women’s Health – Beauty & Fitness, Pregnancy, Being Mother and more
- Kids Care – Simple tips on taking care of kids who are newly born to teens
- Lifestyle problems – covering topics like Diabetes, Hypertension, Stress, Obesity etc.
- Beauty & Fitness – covering topics like Diet, Nutrition, Yoga, Good looks and more
- Sexual Health – covering topics like personal problems, disease, disabilities and more
- Mental Health – covering topics like Addiction, Phobia, mental conditions etc
* Videos: You can also watch unlimited health videos covering topics like Yoga, Diet, Nutrition and more.
* Health in Pictures: Health in pictures is a unique way of reading about health facts or health tips where a tip is accompanied by an image for easy understanding.
* Q&A: In the Q&A section you can get to know answers to the frequently asked questions across the above-mentioned categories.
### Ask our Doctors:
While we do have loads of information available in the “Read” section, but we understand that there are times when you need answers to your specific queries. It could be an issue that you are not sure is a health problem, or it could simply be to seek a second opinion. You can ask any question to our team of doctors who are available online as well as on call.
- You can call our doctor from the app anytime from 9am to 9pm
- You can also have a LIVE Chat with our Doctor from 9am to 9pm
- You can leave a question to our Doctor and be rest assured that the question will be answered within 24 hours
Our Ask section also enables you to get online access to some of the most senior Doctors in the medical fraternity. These doctors are available across the following specialties:
- Dermatology
- Diabetology
- Endocrinology
- Nephrology
- Neurology
- Obstetrics & Gynaecology
- Oncology
- Orthopaedic
- Psychiatry
- Pulmonology
You can ask questions to these senior doctors and get their answers sitting anywhere in the world. If you require we will also help you get appointments with these senior doctors.
### Access to health services
TDO is a place where we provide complete solution to your health concerns. In our ASK section, our Doctors trained in digital conversations understand your problem completely and then recommend you services as per your need.
We essentially break this up into 2 parts – Tests & Treatments. Following is a list of Tests that we cover:
- Blood tests
- Biopsy
- Bone scans
- CT scans
- Endoscopy
- Mammography
- MRI scans
- PET scans
- Ultrasound / Ultrasonography
- X-rays / Radiography
- HIV tests
We also cover the following treatments:
- Cancer treatment
- Diabetes treatment
- Kidney Stone removal
- Eye problems / treatment
- Laser eye treatments
- Gynaecological problems / treatment
- IVF treatment
- High-risk pregnancy
- Haemorrhoids / Piles treatment
- Heart problems / treatment
- Kidney problems / treatment
- Knee / Hip / Joint replacements
- Neurological problems / treatment
- Obesity problems / treatment
- Tuberculosis (TB) treatment

Top Doctors Online screenshot for Android
Top Doctors Online screenshot for Android
Top Doctors Online screenshot for Android
Top Doctors Online screenshot for Android
Top Doctors Online screenshot for Android
Top Doctors Online screenshot for Android

Top Doctors Online Require:

Require Android 2.3 and up

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