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Virtual Radiographer

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Virtual Radiographer Description:

Welcome to the Diagnostic Radiologic Technologists Virtual Guide to Radiographic Positioning. This guide was created and designed by Technologists and Clinical Instructors to assist you during your everyday functions. As you may already know, Radiographic positioning is the backbone to diagnostic radiography. Utilizing these enclosed positions, along with a basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology, you will be able to use this guide to produce a quality diagnostic image, which will allow your radiologist to generate an accurrate diagnosis.This simple and user friendly App, which includes a detailed Glossary of Medical Terms , will put you at ease when performing simple cases or very difficult procedures that you may not be familiar with or might have forgotten. The Virtual Radiographer positioning guide, contains your everyday tools, placing the knowledge of textbook like material within your fingertips before radiographing a patient. Below are a few tools that are bundled into this App.
1. Patient & Part Positions
2. Projections
3. Central Ray & Angulations
4. SID
5. Image Receptor
6. Cassette Size
7. Body Planes
8. Average Technique's & Technique Chart
9. Breathing Instructions
10.Prep Cases
11. Special Procedures
12. Most Common Protocols ( Quick Reference Guide)
13. TIPS for Technologists
14. Structures Shown
15. Sample Radiographs
16. Medical Terminology ( OVER 200 DEFINED MEDICAL TERMS)
17. Radiographic Calculator ( Calculate MA, Time & mAs )
18. Radiographic Pathology
19. Fracture List
20. U.S. State Radiological Bureau Contact Info.
21. RT News Updates
Always remember to properly shield your patients to reduce the risk of unneccessary radiation exposure (ALARA).
Thank you for choosing The Virtual Radiographers Guide to Radiographic Positioning and we do hope you enjoy the App. Please remember that although these are the most common positions and protocols, they may vary by institution.
TARGET AUDIENCE: Radiologic Technologists, Radiography Students, Medical Students, Radiology Residents, Medical Residents, Physicians, and Radiologists
Copyright 2010-2011 RRC, Inc. All Rights Reserved. US Patent Pending.

Virtual Radiographer screenshot for Android
Virtual Radiographer screenshot for Android
Virtual Radiographer screenshot for Android
Virtual Radiographer screenshot for Android
Virtual Radiographer screenshot for Android

Virtual Radiographer Require:

Require Android 1.6 and up

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