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Vitamin Deficiency Finder

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Vitamin Deficiency Finder Description:

The application can find the vitamin deficiencies by matching your specific symptoms and provide corresponding food suggestions and key vitamin information. VitaminDeficiencyFinder from Yantramind helps you match your specific symptoms against hundreds of symptoms of deficiency of common vitamins and minerals. Based on a highly optimized interactive verification process, about the presence or absence of related symptoms, application can find if there are possible deficiencies and the relative probability of each of those deficiencies. This report can be can be sent over mail and saved for future reference. App also provides food suggestions and all the other important details like key functions, daily dosage, toxicity symptoms, etc. for these vitamins. The app supports multiple profiles so that more users (like different family members) can keep track of their specific reports, history and trends.
The app is based on a patent pending innovation related to diagnostics.
Key Features
•Diagnosis of the vitamin deficiency based on key symptoms
-Identifies further symptoms through question and answers.
-It can show multiple deficiencies with associated probabilities.
-System displays the probabilities only if it is greater than a specific confidence factor.
•Food Suggestions for major vitamin deficiencies
-Color coded for user's food preferences like veg, ovo-lacto, non-veg
•Vitamin Info
All key information about the vitamins
-Key functions of the vitamin in the body
-Major deficiency symptoms
-Foods with that vitamin
-Daily dosage
-Toxicity symptoms
-Search functionality based on keywords or any detail of the vitamin
•Ability to handle multiple profiles (e.g. different family members) and reports on prior diagnostic conclusions. These reports also can be sent over mail.
•All aspects of the innovation related to the diagnostic correlation engine are our patent pending intellectual property.
The application is provided for information and educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide any sort of diagnosis or medical advice. You should consult your own personal physician to determine the appropriateness of the information for your specific situation before making any decision regarding treatment or medication related to vitamin deficiencies.
Vitamins and Minerals included in this analysis
•Vitamin A
•Vitamin B1
•Vitamin B2
•Vitamin B3
•Vitamin B6
•Vitamin B12
•Vitamin C
•Vitamin D
•Vitamin E
•Folic Acid
About Yantramind
Yantramind ( ) focuses on developing technology solutions using machine intelligence to solve real world issues. Healthcare is our initial focus area and vitamin deficiency problem is the first one we are trying to solve. This application is the standalone mobile version addressing the area of vitamin deficiency, leveraging our medical information correlation engine. Web version of the same application is available at

Your feedback and suggestions
Your feedback and suggestions are extremely important for us to shape our future direction. Let us know if you want this solution to be extended for your ideas or product or service offerings– whether it is for profit or non-profit. We are more interested in the actual social impact of our solutions and will be glad to support you in whatever way we can. We have several innovative ideas in Healthcare, Information search and Decision Support that are being developed right now and will reach the market very soon. Requesting your feedback, suggestions and continued support. Please send your feedback to

Vitamin Deficiency Finder screenshot for Android
Vitamin Deficiency Finder screenshot for Android
Vitamin Deficiency Finder screenshot for Android
Vitamin Deficiency Finder screenshot for Android
Vitamin Deficiency Finder screenshot for Android
Vitamin Deficiency Finder screenshot for Android

Vitamin Deficiency Finder Require:

Require Android 2.3 and up

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