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Airway EX Virtual Surgery

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Airway EX Virtual Surgery Description:

Perform challenging virtual surgeries of the airway and hone your skills in a variety of endoscopic and interventional procedures with unprecedented realism. Airway EX is a FREE app used by ENT Surgeons/Otorhinolaryngologists, Emergency Medicine Physicians, Anesthesiologists, Critical Care Specialists, and Pulmonologists.
Earn CME (Continuing Medical Education) credit while exploring 3D, interactive cases that prepare you for unexpected and complex difficult airway surgical scenarios. Airway EX gives you scores based on your speed, tissue damage, and ability to successfully navigate the procedure.
State-of-the-Art Simulation in a Mobile App:
- Life-like simulation and behavior of human tissue, breathing, realistic fluids and secretions, bleeding, laryngospasm, cough reflexes, and recreated diseased tissue
- Anatomical structures respond realistically to manipulation by virtual endoscopic devices
- Dynamic vital signs that change based on the state of your patient: heart rate and SpO2
- Control endoscopes with touch. Surgery for practicing physicians: from surgical resident training to experienced attending physicians
Virtual Patient Cases:
- Adult and pediatric cases are recreated from real patient surgeries submitted by physicians
worldwide: diseases and conditions covering obstructing tumors and rare malignancies, HPV, angioedemas, paralysis, congenital defects, and more
- Each case is vetted by physicians from the top academic institutions
- Dozens of surgeries to perform in a virtual reality environment
- Surgical performance is assessed based on time, skill, and degree of accuracy
- Awake and sedated (anesthesia) patient scenarios
Recreated Medical Devices: Fiberoptic scopes are recreated based on real device specs - including range of motion, physical dynamics, and lens optics of each scope
Virtual Task Trainers: Practice difficult maneuvers and effectively visualize scope configuration of medical devices
Featured Patient Cases/Diseases:
Difficult Nasal Intubations, Vocal Cord Injuries, Glottic Tumors, Obstructing Tumors, Rare Carcinomas, Angioedemas, HPV infections, Inflammation, Laryngomalacia, Malformed Epiglottis, Upright Intubations, Complex Pediatric Intubations, Tonsillitis, and Inflammation
Virtual patient presentations range from Class I to Class IV Mallampati Scores
A rich surgical and medical reference to advance knowledge and physician training
Submit medical videos of your surgeries to be recreated in Airway EX’s 3D environment

Airway EX Virtual Surgery screenshot for Android
Airway EX Virtual Surgery screenshot for Android
Airway EX Virtual Surgery screenshot for Android
Airway EX Virtual Surgery screenshot for Android
Airway EX Virtual Surgery screenshot for Android
Airway EX Virtual Surgery screenshot for Android

Airway EX Virtual Surgery Require:

Require Android 5.0 and up

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