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Apraxia Therapy

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Apraxia Therapy Description:

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Apraxia Therapy is an exciting new speech therapy app to help people with aphasia and apraxia to speak more fluently. You have to try it to understand how powerful this app can be for those who struggle to express themselves.
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Featuring the evidence-based method of speech entrainment using VAST video, this app helps users say familiar sequences, conversational phrases, and multi-syllabic words. Each repetition in the hierarchy is intended to train the brain to produce clear speech in a way that encourages independence, self-monitoring, and generalization.
App Features:
* 110 ‘Phrases’ Videos
-----Functional conversational statements and questions
-----Range from 2 to 8 syllables in 7 levels
-----Social greetings, basic needs, and everyday expressions
* 5 ‘Sequences’ Videos
-----Alphabet, Counting to 10, Days of the Week, Months of the Year, and Jack & Jill
-----Longer length can be a good challenge for some users
-----Familiar sequences can be easier for those who know them well
* 60 ‘Long Words’ Videos
-----Multi-syllable words from 2 to 5 syllables
-----Ordered by stress pattern to focus on rhythm
-----Perfect practice for those with more mild apraxia
Apraxia Therapy can help adults with acquired apraxia of speech and aphasia from stroke or brain injury to gain confidence in their speaking ability as they speak in time with a video model. Watching, listening, reading, tapping, and speaking in unison all combine to help those with limited to no spontaneous speaking ability to improve motor planning and speech fluency.
Therapeutic Steps:
1) Watch and listen to the video model to learn the sequence, word, or phrase
2) Tap along with the model to activate the motor cortex and focus on rhythm
3) Say it together with the model in unison, making use of mirror neurons
4) Say it again as the audio fades out, using the video to keep speech going strong
5) Speak alone with only visual support as the app automatically records you
6) Listen to your recording and rate your performance for self-monitoring
7) Practice individual words or syllables to perfect the difficult ones
The recordings and self-ratings can be e-mailed at the end of each session to share with a therapist, family, or friends. Rate of speech can be adjusted to 3 different speeds at any time. All VAST videos are professionally recorded by SpeakinMotion.
Users love hearing themselves through this app. Those who are determined to get each word right really appreciate the word practice. People with limited speech can now record themselves saying “I love you” and send it to the people who matter most.
The therapeutic methods for apraxia and aphasia treatment featured in this app are used in other well-known and frequently used evidence-based therapy protocols such as:
*Script Training
*Melodic Intonation Therapy (MIT)
*Oral Reading for Language in Aphasia (ORLA)
*Integral Stimulation
*Speech Entrainment (also known as VAST)
Now you can use this professional speech therapy app in your home or clinic for unlimited hours of practice. Repetition and intensity are essential for changing the brain, and this motivating app will help you achieve them.

Apraxia Therapy screenshot for Android
Apraxia Therapy screenshot for Android
Apraxia Therapy screenshot for Android
Apraxia Therapy screenshot for Android
Apraxia Therapy screenshot for Android
Apraxia Therapy screenshot for Android

Apraxia Therapy Require:

Require Android 4.0.3 and up

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